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WordPress is a powerful platform to facilitate your online growth, whether you are a small business or a global corporation. Make it WorkPress helps you to get the most out of it.

But what is WordPress?

WordPress is the a so called Content Management System, or CMS. It is a piece of online software by which you can easily build a website and can add content yourself. It is used by over a quarter of all websites worldwide. While it is most associated with blogging, it can be used for all kind of applications.

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As we have been developing and designing many WordPress websites, we have come up with a treasure of useful plugins, scripts and themes, yours truly to use.

WordPress themes

Waterfall is a free multipurpose WordPress theme with extensive options for customization.

WordPress Plugins

Waterfall reviews turns your Waterfall powered WordPress site in a killer review website.

WordPress Scripts

WP Components is a collection of common components used in the development of websites, such as breadcrumbs or share buttons.

WP Custom Fields is a kick-ass framework for custom customizer, options pages and post, taxonomy or user metabox fields.

WP Enqueue is a script for enqueing scripts and styles easily.

WordPRESS Services

Custom development, design and strategy for your new Project with WordPress. Yes, give me this!